What is juxtaposition? (JUCKT-STAH-PO-ZISH-ON)

Juxtaposition is basically just a fancy word for when you CONTRAST or COMPARE two things against each other. The reason that it is different from METAPHORS or SIMILES is because it is not trying to make you think of one object as being SIMILAR to another object: it is actually trying to help show you how different they are.

In the picture above, we see an old building that looks like it’s been standing for a hundred years, or more! Behind it, we see a wind turbine, which is clearly a newer, more recent building.

why do we use juxtaposition?

Juxtaposition makes us think more deeply about the contrasts which it shows us. For example, the picture above might make you think one of the following things:

“I feel sad for the old building, it’s useless now.” or

“I wish that ugly old building would fall down! It doesn’t fit in anymore!” or

“Wow, time is going by so quickly: it’s amazing to think a family might have lived in that building when my Grandparents were young.”

There is no exact answer, the important thing is that juxtaposition makes you think and it makes you feel.