What is irony? (Eye-Ron-ee)

As a British person, irony is one of my favorite techniques in the English language: because it’s so silly and fun!

Above, we see a picture of a sign which says “Hidden Beach”. The reason that this is ironic, is because by having a sign, the beach is no longer hidden.

Other examples of irony are:

If there is sunshine at a funeral (because a funeral is meant to be a sad event, and we associate the sunshine with happiness).

If it were to rain on your wedding day (because rain is associated with sadness, and your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life!)

Why do we use irony?

This is an interesting question, because there isn’t really a good answer to it. Usually, irony is used to create a strong reaction, such as laughter or crying.

When you do find irony in a piece of work, it is a very good technique to explain and write about, as you will gain a deeper understanding of what the writer was trying to make us think or feel.